Fort Wayne Metals manufactures more than just medical wire. After all, our ability to draw wire to the finest sizes, our impeccable surface quality and our ability to maintain tight tolerances are also useful in many non-medical applications. Our wire is used in industrial needs, resistance wire, in airplanes and even in space.




Our experience allows us to produce wire and wire products for the most demanding applications, from precision measuring equipment to wire weaving. Our precision wire is also a great fit for steam turbine brush seals, reducing seal leakage to less than 1/3 of the loss incurred with a typical labyrinth seal. Typical alloys for brush seals are L-605 and C-276 ranging from .0025" to .008". If your application demands precision wire with cutting-edge characteristics, contact us. We'll either have a solution for you, or we'll do everything we can to find one.

End product examples

  • Resistors/ shunts
  • Springs
  • Safety products
  • Glass Seals
  • Jewelry


Contact us with the specifications for your industrial application, and our engineers will be glad to recommend a solution.