Fort Wayne Metals manufactures more than just medical wire. After all, our ability to draw wire to the finest sizes, our impeccable surface quality and our ability to maintain tight tolerances are also useful in many non-medical applications. Our wire is used in industrial needs, resistance wire, in airplanes and even in space.


Resistance wire


Whether it is used in heating elements, resistors in electronics or capacitors – resistance wire plays an integral part in our world. We draw a number of resistance alloys into precision wire that can stand up to the most demanding requirements. Contact us with the specifications for your application and we will be happy to recommend a solution.

We currently produce the following resistance alloys:

Alloy ASTM / ISO
Cupron CBX® ASTM B267 Class 5A
Evanohm R® B267 Class 1A, 1B, & 1C
Hymu 80® ASTM A753-78
Tophet A® ASTM B-344 & B-267
Tophet C® ASTM B-344 & B-267