We're committed to meeting your growing needs by offering a range of value-added services. Whether it's Research and development support on a next-generation device or providing precision coatings to enhance performance in your application, we feature a variety of solutions to help you.

Coating can be applied to single wires, strands, and cables in order to provide electrical insulation, chemical separation, or improved lubricity for enhanced device performance. 

Receive a steady stream of product without the inconvenience of standard lead times by enrolling in our kanban stocking program.

Leverage the state-of-the-art equipment, advanced testing, and technical expertise offered by our accredited laboratory to verify the properties of any given material.

A non-mechanical process that removes just the right amount of coating in precise locations, revealing clean, undamaged wire that is ready for the next step in your processing.

Our Research and Development team has more than 225 combined years of experience of solving technical problems, that we're ready to put to work for you.

Explore a range of spool types to meet your specific needs, along with customized packaging to preserve the quality of wire during shipping.

Take advantage of our accelerated product delivery program for rapid prototyping or full-production orders.